Decoration Styles

RS uses several decoration processes for personalized and Greek items and apparel.
The following are the descriptions and care information for each process.


Embroidery is the use of thread to decorate fabric or soft materials with a monogram, logo or design. Each monogram or design must be digitized to create stitches for application. We use this process for Greek letters, crests, monograms and corporate logos.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a garment. Each design is separated into line colors and is applied one color at a time. The cost of screening is dependent on the quantity of colors, color of the garment and quantity of the order. The RS screening process includes the use of very fine mesh and high quality inks that will show even the finest of details.


Dye sublimation uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a garments, koozies,bag tags, cups and mugs.Sublimation is a unlimited color process, which makes it great for designs that have multiple tones and colors.

Vinyl Application

Vinyl is a specialty material that can be used on specific apparel and monograms. It comes in a roll or sheet form with an adhesive backing so it can be cut, weeded, and placed on an item for high heat application. Vinyl application is limited to products that can withstand high heat. We use vinyl on items that are small runs that are too costly to screen print. We also use vinyl for glitter, foil and metallic designs.

Product Care

We suggest washing garments with extreme care. Note specific washing instructions on garment tags, but also keep in mind the following information: – Garment dyed products are more likely to bleed, even after multiple washes. This bleed may stick to other fabrics or screen printing ink/vinyl/embroidery. – We advise washing all products WITHOUT Fabric Softener! – Please take care when washing/drying garments with high heat. – Wash all garments inside out to lessen likelihood of color bleeds or thread catches, as well as to preserve the integrity of printed products.

If you have any questions or concerns with the care of your product, we encourage you to contact RS!