Custom Four Pack Silly Socks

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Monogram or Greek Letters
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Go SILLY for these fun printed socks! Save $10.00 when you order four pairs!

Custom Four Pack includes FOUR pairs of Silly Socks.
Socks may be different designs, but must be personalized with same Monogram/Greek Letters for discount.
Customers who wish to mix Monograms/Greek Orgs should order through single style links, or a Custom Two Pack!

Monogram/Greek Letters printed on outsides of leg, image printed on inside of leg.

Available with Circle Monogram or Greek Letters -- One size fits most!

Vapor® Crew SubliSocks™, White with Black Heel and Toe,(1 Pair). 7" Cuff.
Medium B Size, Fits 6-8 Adult Mens, 6-9 Ladies.
The Crew offers a 7-inch leg length.
Black toe and heel flap help prevent creasing marks during the sublimating process.
Fabric: 95% Polyester | 5% Lycra. 

*Note: Due to side print process, leg length may appear stretched upon arrival. Socks return to original shape after washing/drying.*

DELIVERY INFO: WE WILL SHIP GREEK FOR A DISCOUNTED PRICE! Greek apparel ships at a special price of $6.00 flat rate, per three items. Ordering with other members can cost as low as $2 per item, anywhere in the United States!

Be sure to specify your chapter! (Ex. Alpha Sigma Tau - Beta Eta)

Chapters with at least 12 orders will receive a free gift with each item purchased!

Orders generally ship within two weeks from the Friday after order is placed, except in the case of National Group Orders. 
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